Lamerson Inc. U.S.A. has been building precise measuring systems and the accompanying modeling tools, equipment, tables and many other specialty items since 1970.  Our association with Lamerson Inc. has given us the opportunity to have access to their expertise and products. 

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1.  Lamerson Point Scanning Styling Bridge

Lamerson Standard Surface Plate Assemblies provide for excellent surface referencing with a universal, no limitations, Metric Locating System. The installation of this system in utility is equivalent to industrial bedplates or surface plates. Accuracy is superior. Installations are ISO certified with clear graphic documentation. If large accurate surface referencing is required, this system is limitless, and affordable.

2.  Lamerson 5500 MM Rotary Display Table

...This turn table is designed to be permanently located in a design studio or display area.  It is also available for outdoor use.  Rotation of the table is accomplished via a D.C. motor with a maximum rotation of speed of 1RPM.  A portable remote control console operates the table forward or reverse.

  3.  Lamerson Precision Clay Extruders

  ...The PRO.2000 Extruder incorporates advance technology and has a number of innovations that enhance performance while at the same time renders friendly operation.  It is constructed of a self-contained unit mounted on a temperature-controlled cabinet.  The PRO.2000 produces extremely high quality clay extrusions that support normal modeling practices in maintaining timing and quality presentations.

  ...The PRO.2010 is recommended for applications where it is necessary to run the extruder continuously. 

4.  Way Rails and Scales

  ...These products are available for use on styling tables or platens and surface plates.  All are accurately machined for interchangeability and infinite combinations.  Special styling scales are also available . 

5.  Lamerson Portable Styling Surface Tables

  ...Styling surface tables or platens are fabricated of honeycomb construction with a precision ground flat top.  Edges can be machined orthogonally and accurately Tables can be furnished with machined straight edge bars from which surface measurements and grid lines may be controlled.  They are available in metric or English sizes and grid accordingly.  These lighter weight portable tables incorporate a standard locating system that is useful when applied in conjunction with other equipment.  They can be adapted for precision modeling work and also be used as display tables.

6.  Dual Wheel Casters

...Modeling tables are outfitted with two 6" polyurethane tired wheels on 1,200 pound frames.  Casters are available with locking bolts.  Mounting hole patterns are standard on all Lamerson table legs and attachments.

7. Dual Wheel Shock Absorbing Casters

...Available in three sizes of wheel diameters (4", 5", and 6").  Each caster will support loads up to 1,8oo pounds. Each castor has polyurethane tired wheels which are mounted on a shock absorbing axle.  A variety of standard absorbing rates are available loading is adjustable.  Ranges of 400 to 1,800 pounds are available.


8. Lamerson Motor Home-Truck Styling Bridge


...This large bridge was built for Winnebago Industries, Inc., Forrest City, Iowa.  It is able to handle class "A", "B", and "C": motor homes as well as large trucks.  It can be supplied with scanning and milling capability and operates from CNC controls.  It is equipped with anti-friction recirculating roller bearings that travel on hardened ways, and uses precision ball screws for positioning of each axis.

9.  Lamerson Point Scanning Styling Bridge

This bridge is designed for a studio environment with optimum performance in precision model layout and data acquisition. The bridge is uniquely constructed of high strength aluminum. The point/scanning bridge and add scale measuring system has been designed for manual mode operation. This bridge incorporates many refinements, among those is a system dedicated to the safe and efficient transport of the bridge to other work areas. Lamerson bridges can be special ordered to include scanning capability.

10.  Pointers and Scribers

Lamerson clay modeling pointing scales

and scribers are accurately machined

from hard aluminum. Machined tips

are replaceable.

11.  Metal Splines

...Are made of 70-75T9 hardened Aluminum. with your questions. Please include your return e-mail address, business address, fax line and day time phone number.




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