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Automobile Design Techniques and Design Modeling

This hardcover book as several hundred historical and instructional photographs and tells about the development of various cars and trucks and the technical development of modeling equipment. It is also intended to be used as a textbook that illustrates the design and development process from drawing board, to commercial product.

To help describe the history of design modeling, there are detailed and illustrated biographies of some of those who have advanced the art of automobile design, including George Mercer, Harley Earl, Joe Thompson, Gordon Buehrig, Alan H. Leamy and Bob Gregorie.

You can order the book or choose to preview pages from the book by clicking on the sample pages button. The book has over 350 pages and sells for $69 plus $5 shipping and handling (continental USA) plus 6% Michigan tax).

Automobile Design Techniques and Design Modeling, illuminates the process of transforming design illustrations either from art work or computer developed three-dimensional models that are modified and converted to data for producing tool for automobiles and other industrial design products. This is a result of a well orchestrated development of data into surface development by using the combined talent, education, experience, and the expertise of many artists, artisans and engineers.

This book provides a history of body design and the progress of surface development from the design of carriages in the late 19th Century to the challenges of automobile design through the 20th and into the 21st Century. The process of creating models and the use of materials and tools, are outlined with sketches, illustrations, photographs, and completed models.

Changes are commonplace and expected during design development. Yet of all the systems, including various hard materials and foams that can be used in surface development, only styling clay provides an unlimited freedom of expression and ability to easily accommodate any change in a greatly reduced time frame.

This book is principally concerned with three-dimensional development of line and form using styling clay. And although the efforts and desires of computer specialists have been to eliminate clay modeling, it's use in automobile design has not gone away. Computer systems and milling machines have replaced some areas where modeling skills can be duplicated by these systems, but the limitation in computer developed surfaces and the high cost of multiple systems has created a resurgence in the use of styling clay.

Computer systems are most valuable in design development studies and comparisons, and in the experimentation and fine tuning of design ideas. Computer systems also provide the best means of digitizing surface and filling data into three-dimensional models. But three-dimensional design from that point on, is best accomplished thorough"hands on" styling clay modeling by skilled artisans. Hour by hour, day by day, changes can be made aesthetically acceptable and more quickly by design modelers in three-dimensional, than by computer operators who must also provide the prove out of their changes, in three dimensions.

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